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Trusted Salespeople

We believe that clients deserve salespeople who:
= do what
clients want
= make
clients lives even better, and
= are trusting & trustworthy


Distrust in Salespeople is Lose-lose

When clients distrust salespeople, they share less information because they don't want it used against them. As a result, salespeople miss important information that would help them add more value to the client (lose) and attain more sales (lose).

Traditional sales and sales management methods emphasize mindsets and behaviors that cause clients to distrust salespeople. Deadlines from companies can lead to salespeople pressuring clients to buy to fit the company's needs, further increasing distrust.

Traditional sales language creates an adversarial rather than collaborative tone. Do you want to be a "target", "qualified", and"closed"?

Titles such as 'Sales Representative" reveal the dominant intent = 'to Sell my products' and 'to Represent my company'. 

Our Solution: Become a Client-Champion


Be the salesperson that your client wants to buy from. Your job title reveals your priority- = your Client = and your function = to be a Champion for your client. You make your clients champions in their organizations & communities. 

We share beliefs and behaviors that cause top 1% sales performance. Using proprietary methods, we transfer proven approaches to you for your immediate use. 

Client-Champions make life-long friends from people who they first meet as business contacts. Trust, then progress. We know that trust is the currency before relationships, partnerships and legal tender ($). We use language that supports our trustworthiness: not 'targets' rather 'future friends'; not 'qualify' rather 'find the fit'; not 'close' rather 'open our partnership'.  

Client-champion selling methods are working for salespeople from over 40 industries and 48 countries.  


Offerings Only Available Here

Authentication, Workshops, Manual


Authentication as Client-Champion

Third-party certification that you are trusting of, and trustworthy for your clients so they can immediately share all relevant information with you and attain the maximum value from you and your organization. Authentication includes attaining 100% on proven methods tailored by you for your situation, and 3 LinkedIn or 5 private recommendations from clients.

Workshops: Top 1% Sales Beliefs & Behaviors
(Taught @ Harvard & Boston College for $2,700+ tuition)

Highly interactive sessions to share new insights and transfer proven approaches for fast integration into your worklife and immediate increase in your success

Client-Champion Manual

44+ proven methods with examples and templates to enable effective and efficient transfer for your immediate use, and to make you even more successful

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Results-Driven, Experienced Guidance


Adjunct Instructor, Harvard Division of Continuing Education

John Westman

"Let's recognize the sales professionals who help their clients become even more successful. Let's spread these methods. Let's demonstrate and promote sales a trusted, honorable profession."

–As marketing and sales leader, beat quotas for 10 companies in 6 distinct markets, including 2 Fortune 300 & 7 start-up companies

–Instructor of high performance professional selling and sales management at Harvard Extension School & Harvard Professional Development Program 

–Top 1% Coach for RNMKRs, 2022 & 2023, for this global artificial intelligence sales competition, with the #1 and #2  performers out of > 2,500 competitors in 2022


Senior Business Development - Your Client Champion
Calgary Alberta, Canada

Blair Hamer

–FY 2022 sales =$7.0M vs. quota of $2M

–Promoted to Senior Business Development Manager from Technical Sales Representative

–10 Years as Senior Measurement Specialist at Intricate Group

–Principal for 4 years at Peace River School Division Rookie of the Year Award & Fastest Growth Award with

–Top 40 under 40, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce


Client-Champion Pioneers

Authenticated Client=Champions and  Trusted=Allies (high performance beliefs & behaviors for professionals in non-revenue producing roles)

Elizabeth Sedlak, VP of Business Development @ LearnWell

Elizabeth is a 15-year education and healthcare leader who helps healthcare facilities, school districts and patients gain access to school-age education programs and mental health services.  She works with the Senior Management Team at LearnWell to support the business development functions for LearnWell Academics and Virtual Tutoring, Comprehensive Counseling, and ilearn wellness group. Elizabeth has a Masters in Management from the Harvard Extension School, and afterwards supported Professional Selling and Sales Management course as a teaching assistant where many Client=Champion methods were taught and developed. Elizabeth seeks to understand each client’s unique needs and develop workable solutions to reach their goals. She is passionate about being a trustworthy leader, coach, and salesperson.

Authenticated Client=Champions

Authenticated Trusted=Allies

Mohamed Masoud, Commercial Professional: Consumer goods

“The process of acquiring the 'Trusted=Ally' certification has profoundly deepened my understanding of the significance of my contributions, both within my organization and among my colleagues. This certification has presented me with a valuable opportunity to receive insightful feedback, allowing me to further develop through meaningful contributions to the success of those around me. It has reinforced the importance of collaboration and support, illuminating ways in which I can actively foster the growth and achievement of my colleagues. Overall, this experience has empowered me to better serve as a trusted ally within my professional community.”

Maya Agarwal, Marketing Manager, Google

Chrissie Buchanan, Owner and Agile Marketing Strategist at LeanSprint Marketing,
"The trusted ally certification wa
s a valuable exercise for me and sparked some productive conversations with my colleagues as well. Integrity is important, and to ask for trust openly and honestly is a great sign that you are someone who can be trusted. I think if more people did this, it would make working relationships so much more fulfilling and productive."

Robert Zarzecki, Compensation and Workforce Analytics,
“The Trusted Ally authentication has immense value to both yourself and your organization. For me personally, the journey to authentication has been very rewarding, with the ability to hone in and focus on being that trustworthy friend, colleague and peer. For my organization and team, it has tremendous value in knowing they have a true trustworthy resource that will have their best interests in mind at all times.” 

Hafsah Syed, Brand Strategist | Visual Storyteller | Customer Empathy | Executive TV Producer,
“The Trusted Ally certification is a powerful tool for enhancing personal influence and fostering growth. By questioning and challenging fundamental assumptions, this certification empowers individuals to reassess their purpose in life from multiple perspectives. It encouraged me to dive deep into finding an intersection that harmonizes with my earned credibility, integrity, and inspiration, aligning them with my purpose. It provided the necessary emotional lift to set goals by attaching them to something greater than personal ambition. Regardless of your age or career stage, undertaking this certification will prompt profound self-reflection, enabling you to reflect on the life you’re shaping for yourself and make choices based on that.” 


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